Comfort, Joy . . . and Nog

Today is Christmas Eve . . . but it’s also National Eggnog Day.  Yep, that’s a real thing.  I only crave eggnog once a year, and today’s the day.  I don’t make my own nog (I don’t love it that much), but I do embellish my annual cup of cheer with an enthusiastic dash of bourbon.

And I always drink my nog out of these vintage sterling silver eggnog cups.  Pick a drink, any drink . . . and you can bet there’s a sterling silver cup for it.  My mom gave these to me a few years ago, and I adore them.  Pinkies out!!

Historical Sidebar:  George Washington was a huge fan of the nog.  During the holidays, he made his own nog at Mount Vernon (well, that might be a stretch, more likely his slaves made the nog). But if you’d like to drink nog like George, here’s his recipe.

And so, as I sit down with my cup of nog this merry evening, I wish you the Happiest of Holidays. May you have bright days, filled with comfort and joy.


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