Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 69

OK . . . so October is still kicking my butt.  Knock on wood, I’ll come up for air (and more time for research) in November.  In the meantime, today’s words are a cartoon I found on Pinterest.

This made me smile — because we’ve all seen it (the ever-expanding role of the sommelier).
I have mixed feelings on this issue.  I’m guilty of snapping a few tons of photos of food & wine (especially when I travel).  I mean, some food is just too fantastic not to photograph.  But, I at least try to be inconspicuous about it.  I have never, in my life, made a duck-face over a plate of escargot, or impaled a waiter with one of those obnoxious selfie-sticks.  I mean, I’m not completely gauche.  😉

BdmaAabCUAANoaVWhat say you?  Photographing food at a restaurant . . . do or don’t?



  1. I did read an article not too long ago, (maybe it was on your blog?) about how phones have doubled the time it takes for people to eat at restaurants. It was from a waiter’s perspective. I suppose if the phone made the waiter’s job harder, then it might be a pain (people not looking at their menus right away, being distracted etc) but otherwise I would think snapping pics of the food would be a compliment.

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    1. Wasn’t me . . . but very interesting. I hadn’t thought about the extra time phones/photos/posting add to a dinner experience. It would be interesting to get a European perspective on this — there, you can park yourself at a table and stay all day if you want. No one is rushing you out. Hmmm. Salud!

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  2. Guilty as charged – the whole family is trained “wait, we can’t start eating – dad didn’t take a picture yet”. I try to take those pictures as quickly as possible, not to interfere with service and all – but I’m sure I annoy hell out of wait staff here and there. Well, I’m a blogger after all…


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