Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 60

Things at Casa Armchair Sommelier are a little chaotic bat-scheiße crazy this week.  The marching band is marching, travel soccer is soccering, and my kids go back to school on Monday.  And I’m running around like headless poultry trying (and not all that successfully) to get stuff done.  I swear, I used to be better at getting stuff done.

My son is a senior this year, and we’ve already had the first of “the lasts” (his last marching band pre-season parent performance).  I kept a stiff upper-lip, but I know my tissue-moment is coming.  And I can guarantee I won’t have any tissues with me when it does.

But back to school they go.

Once upon a time (in a past life), I taught high school history.  After my first week of student teaching, I called my mother — to apologize for being 14!  My mom loves to tell that story . . . still.

I’ve been thinking about all the teachers heading back to their classrooms, and I remembered this little gem — it always makes me smile . . . especially this time of year!

teachingTo all the teachers trying to hold 35 corks underwater at once . . . my glass is raised to you!

Cheers to a good year for all!


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