Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 25

I really enjoy a good conversation, but I don’t consider myself a sparkling conversationalist. Sparkling conversationalists have a superpower, and I know very few people who truly possess that gift.  You know the ones — they can have a conversation with a perfect stranger, and you’d think they’d known that person forever.  Sparkling conversationalists make you feel at ease — because they are both interested and interesting.  These are the people who could talk about drying paint, and you’d find yourself hanging on their every word.  These people are annoying. Kidding.  Mostly.

Enter wine.

Wine is whetter of words, the WD-40 of conversation.  A temporary superpower.  Pass me a glass of wine, and I feel like Diana Prince when she takes off her glasses, spins around and becomes Wonder Woman.  (I was Wonder Woman for Halloween 4 years in a row, so I have a lot of spinning experience on my resume).  Only now, I do a mental spin and find my words . . . and they sparkle!  OK, they glimmer.  A little.


Here’s to all the sparkling conversationalists out there . . . those who come by it naturally, and those who need a little help from a super-friend!


This week’s words come from Jessica Altieri, sommelier and founder of WineChannelTV.


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