Wine, Words & Wednesday, No. 14

Last week was one of those weeks.  A stop-the-ride-I-want-to-get-off kind of week.  It’s Back-to-School time at Casa de Armchair Sommelier.  And while that’s generally a good thing (I might actually have some “me time” to write), it also means waking up before dawn, homework hassles, and spending an absurd amount of time in my car driving my kids to and from their activities.  But, on the plus side, I’ll regain control of the radio in my car again.

In the midst of trying to catch my breath yesterday morning, I read the happy news that I won the Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #11!  The MWWC continues to attract more and more great writers, so I’m a bit surprised, and more than a bit humbled, that I won.  The theme for this month’s challenge was friend, which sounds like a piece of cake, but turned out to be a real stumper for me.  I started writing a couple of different posts, but ended up throwing them into the metaphorical trash can because they were trite, and boring me to tears.  I’m a terrible storyteller (I’ll write research papers all day, but storytelling has always been my Achilles heel), and I was way outside of my comfort zone with my friend post.  I’m tremendously happy (and a little relieved) you liked it enough to vote for me!  So, thank you.

I’m already thinking about a theme for next month . . . I’m trying to come up with something that won’t garner a bunch of complaints about how impossible it is, but I think that might be impossible.

So, the theme for next month is . . . tomatoes!


I’m still thinking.  I will let The Drunken Cyclist know what I decide . . . and then he will post it to the MWWC Blog.  And you can all get writing!

In the meantime, and still in the vein of wine and friendship, I give you these words:

best wines

I think we’ve all had this experience.  We open a bottle of wine with friends, and by itself, the wine is stretching to be mediocre, but because of the company, it ends up being unforgettable.

Here’s to the wine we drink with friends!



  1. I like your quote! And the “Tomatoes” would be definitely an interesting challenge – you sure this is not the word?


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