Monthly Wine Writing Challenge #2 . . . VOTE!

It’s time to VOTE for this month’s Wine Writing Challenge winner!


I heard a lot of grumbling out there about this month’s Trouble theme, but that’s the beauty of interpretation — it’s a blank canvas. There’s no wrong answer . . . just write!   I won’t deny it was challenging — I started writing in one direction (the trouble with tasting fees) and went off on a pretty big tangent.  But you all stepped up to the plate and hit a home run!  I hope you enjoyed writing . . . and reading.

I’m excited to pass the Writing Crown to a new winner, so let’s get to the voting!

I’m trying something new this month . . . I’ve embedded a poll so you can vote right here in this post.  A few easy rules:

  1. Anyone can vote . . . you don’t have to write a post.  Spread the word!!
  2. Use whatever criteria you like to choose your favorite.
  3. If you wrote a post, you can’t vote for yourself.
  4. You can’t vote for the host (aka me).
  5. All votes are due by August 22nd (I have set the poll to close at midnight on 8/23).
  6. The “winner” will host the next monthly challenge, which includes selecting the topic.

We have 12 contenders this month:

Duff’s Wines

Food WIne Click

From Vinho Verde to Barolo with Love

My Custard Pie



Spring of Autumn


The Armchair Sommelier (ineligible)

The Drunken Cyclist

The Drunken Cyclist – part Deux

The Wine Raconteur

The Winegetter

Twelve Dollar Taste Buds

If I have missed a post, PLEASE let me know!  I will update the poll immediately.

wine-stain1-2A couple of administrative things:

We have a twitter hashtag thingy now (thanks, Talk-a-Vino):  #MWWC for generic chatter, and #MWWC + the series number for a specific month, e.g. #MWWC2.

I took a stab at a logo.  ➡➡➡

I will announce the new winner and hand over my crown sometime on Saturday, August 24th!



  1. Nice work, Kirsten! In the end of the day, it is a pretty good turnout, despite the difficult theme. Logo looks good! Now we need to promote voting and reading… I guess another way around… Cheers!


  2. I voted, but it wasn’t easy! Your theme really pushed people to think. And I found some new blogs to follow. Well done.


  3. I voted–but this was really tough. There were quite a few very strong contenders. I think my vote should count twice because: 1) it was so hard for me to decide but I finally DID decide, which is really courageous for a girl who wants everyone to win and nobody to lose; and 2) I didn’t enter, so I’m not secretly thinking my entry is best but since I can’t vote for my own I’ll have to pick second-best. I really voted for the BEST entry.

    And I agree with the others–you did a very fine job hosting.


    1. Thanks, Tracy! It was SUPER tough for me to vote, too . . . so many strong posts. I hope a lot of folks who didn’t write will vote . . . maybe inspire some more writing for next month. Salud!!


  4. Great job hosting, and the topic brought great entries. Well done Kirsten! I just voted, but it was tough…I like the logo and second Jeff’s motion. 🙂 Greetings from Railay Beach. It was fun reading the entries as they appeared…


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