126 Labels of Wine on the Wall

126 wine labels and a gallon of Modge Podge later . . . Ta-Da!!


I saw this idea on Pinterest a few months ago.  I’m not usually a crafter, but sometimes I pretend.  This was one of those times.  It’s easy, really . . . but kinda messy (did you know Modge Podge is water soluble?) and time consuming (unless you just happen to have 126 wine labels just laying around).

What I love about this project is that there are only 3 steps (and none of them involve a hot glue gun):  Drink wine.  Remove labels.  Modge Podge labels to canvas.  Voila!

Beyond that, here are the materials and info you need to pull this off:

1.  An artist’s canvas . . . picked this one up with my 40% off coupon at Michaels.  They come in an array of sizes, I just really liked the gigantic square.

2.  Wine labels . . . a TON of wine labels.  Unless you can outpace Bacchus, you’ll need to ask your family and friends to save wine bottles for you.  Or choose a much smaller canvas.

3.  A way to remove the wine labels.  I’ve tried every method under and over the sun to remove wine labels.  And the best method I’ve found is the oven method.  It works like a charm for 90% of wine labels.  The other 10% are just never going to come off.  Acknowledge.  Move on.

4.  Modge Podge.  An entire bottle of Modge Podge.  And one (or four) of those little spongy brushes.

5.  Patience . . . because when you remove the wine labels, they’re unruly.  They like to curl.  And when you try to Modge them to the canvas, they don’t cooperate and you end up with shellac fingers.  TIP:  Once you remove the wine labels, stick them to some parchment paper and put them inbetween pages of a big, heavy book.  Kind of like pressing leaves.  Then, when you go to Modge Podge the labels to your canvas, they will behave.  Maybe.

I love wine labels.  They’re eye-catching and some are downright artistic.  Put them together in a project like this and they end up telling a story . . . Salud!


  1. Reblogged this on The Armchair Sommelier and commented:

    Apparently, I’ve been blogging for a year now! I only know this because WordPress wished me a happy anniversary this morning. In the last year, I’ve learned a couple of things: 1) I like writing much more than I thought I would. And 2) The blogging community (that’s you) is awesome! I enjoy the interaction and banter so very much!
    So, I thought it would be fun to repost my very first post . . . enjoy! Salud!!


  2. Happy anniversary and lets drink to many more!
    I always remove the wine labels, and it is quite difficult. I never heard of the oven method and will have to give it a try – unless I can peel the label on its own, I’m using the LabelOff, an adhesive remover.


  3. I really like this idea of using a canvas, here I did it all wrong by using the walls of my cellar and scrap books. LOL. I might suggest, as someone that is known for saving labels, that after the tiresome job of removing the label from the bottle, I now put them on wax paper to dry, with several heavy books on top of the pile to “iron” them flat. The wax paper seems to mitigate some of the residual glue from the labels as well. Of course the first step in acquiring the labels is the most enjoyable.


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